Richmond Training Centre Coaches


A Training Centre for Excellence in Figure Skating

We are very proud of our coaching team at Richmond Training Centre. Many of our coaches have been national champions and international competitors. They coach skaters at local, sectional, challenge, national and international level. All of the coaches are members of Skate Canada and are N.C.C.P. qualified.

Private lessons with a professional coach are a very important aspect of your child's skating development. Please feel free to contact any of our coaches for further information.

We highly recommend each and every one of them:


Bob Emerson

Director, Freestyle

905 642-1692
Bob is a former Canadian Junior Men's Champion. As the Director of the Richmond

Training Centre, Bob brings 41 years of experience as a Level 4 Certified Coach.

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Richmond Training Centre Staff

Neil Barnett

Tel: 647 202-8745

Jana Kim Batka


Jana is a level 3 certified coach with parts of her level 4 completed. She was a great

skater in her past with her strengths being power and strength. Jana went to many

Nationals Championships in Novice, Junior and Senior Ladies.

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Mark Batka


Mark is a certified NCCP level 3 coach with over 15 years experience.   His skaters have found success in the regional, national, and international levels of competition.  He specialises in jumps, spins and advanced edgework.   He holds a bachelor degree in Kinesiology, also known as body kinetics, which is the scientific study of human movement.

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Andrei Berezintsev


NCCP Level 3 Certified.  Russian trained figure skating coach with 16 years

experience including International and Olympic Levels. 


Allie Biederman


Allie is a Level 2 (ISPC) Certified Coach, with Level 3 General Subjects,

Theory and Technical subjects completed .  Allie brings 11 years of coaching

experience along with being an independent mother of 4.

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Robert T. Burk

Freestyle, Skills

Robert is a level 3 certified coach, with parts of his level 4 certification completed.

Robert brings 25 years of experience and passion to each lesson.


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Adelina Castriota

Freestyle, Choreography


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Josée Chouinard

Tel: 905 830-0034

Rachel Davis

Tel: 416 333-8509
Freestyle, Skills, Dance

Rachel has been coaching since 1990. A graduate of the Seneca College coaching

program. She is level 4 certified.

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Debbie Emerson

Freestyle, Skills, Dance
905 642-1692
Debbie is a Junior Canadian Dance Champion, a Senior Canadian Dance

Competitor (4th) and a member of Skate Canada International Team.

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Bob Emerson

Director, Freestyle

905 642-1692
Bob is a former Canadian Junior Men's Champion. As the Director of the Richmond

Training Centre, Bob brings 41 years of experience as a Level 4 Certified Coach.

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Kent Grice

Freestyle, Pairs, Dance


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Vesna Markovich

Freestyle, Choreography, Blade Skills and Off-Ice
Tel: 905 751-0134

Vesna has been coaching since 1987.  Within this time, Vesna has had experience

coaching all levels of Competitive skaters from grassroots to Senior level, including

International. Coaching competition experience include Olympic Qualifiers in Vienna,

Austria in 2005. 

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Leisa Rau

Freestyle, Choreography, Skills, Performance Enhancement Skills,  Off-ice

416 799-7935
Leisa Rau is Level 3 Certified and is currently working on her Level 4 Certification. 

She is a graduate of Seneca College's Coaching Program and has been coaching

for nineteen years.  Leisa has coached competitors from Provincial to Junior

International Levels. 

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Danielle Rose

Freestyle, Choreography and Blade Skills
Tel: 905 252-0223

Danielle is a certified Level 2 coach with her Level 3 Theory, General Subjects and

Singles and is currently working on her Practical Component.  Danielle is a

quadruple gold medalist in Freeskate, Skills, Dance, and Interpretive as well

as having her Junior Competitive Test.

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Ken Rose

Freestyle, Choreography, Blade Skills and Dance Partnering

Ken is the 2003 Junior Men's Champion of Canada and went on to place in

the top 10 at Senior Canadians four times.  He is also a two-time Eastern Challenge

Junior Champion, as well as winning the Bronze medal in his final year at

Senior Challenge. 

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Sandra Sheppard

Freestyle, Skills, Dance
Tel: 905 619-1438
Sandra has been teaching skating for twenty-four years. She competed as a skater,

at the Novice level.

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Cherry Weizhang

Tel: 416 261-0584

Cherry is NCCP Level 1 Certified.  Cherry was also certified as Gold Level Champion

at Provincial Competitions in Xinjiang, China and has been coaching for 20 years. 

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Inga Zusev

Tel: 905 764-8073
NCCP Level 3 certified, MA in physical Education, Russian trained with 16 years

experience including National and international Levels.

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