75 mins | 2 - 3 days/week

Intro to figure skating

Intro to Figure Skating is a 2-day/week program and figure skates are required. On each day the program is offered, skaters will receive a 30m off-ice class, 45m of on-ice group instruction specifically geared to figure skating. Skaters will rotate between our professional coaches and will come together for a 15m group class where they can utilize the full-ice surface.

Program Format

On-Ice lessons are taught in a positive and fun group lesson format to promote enjoyment of the sport, as well as learning the fundamentals of figure skating; skating skills, jumps, spins, dance and movement to music. During their time in the Intro to Figure Skating program, skaters will learn the basic skills necessary for a strong foundation in figure skating.

Off-ice classes will focus on the basic athletic fundamentals; the ABCs (Agility, Balance, Coordination & speed). Skaters will also learn how to balance in skating related poses, proper stretching techniques, as well as simple strength exercises. We also highly recommend participation in other sports to promote athletic development.

The Intro to figure Skating program is an excellent starting point for your skater’s figure skating development and integrates seamlessly into our Pre-Competitive program and beyond.

Private lessons

Intro to Figure Skating skaters are encouraged to supplement this program with private lessons from a coach of your choice on additional sessions that are available for this level.

Skaters must confirm which session(s) to add with their private coach before registering for additional sessions.

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