What about skates?

Skaters should be equipped with proper equipment for safety and to ensure optimal progress on the ice.  Please stay away from hard plastic skates.  Skates should be fitted by a skate shop or a qualified skate dealer. Our recommendation is to purchase skates at the Figure Skating Boutique.

When should I get my skates sharpened?

Blades should be sharpened every 20-30 hours of skating.  RTC has a skate sharpening shop on site and is available for all your sharpening needs.  Please come to our Coaches room for help.

How do I properly maintain and take care of my blades?

It is very hard to skate with nicks or rust on your blades.  After every skate, wipe your blades down with a soft towel and place soft guards on the blades. When you are wearing your skates off ice, please protect your blades with plastic guards to prevent any damage your blades.

My Stage 3 skater doesn’t want to wear a helmet.  Do they have to?

Yes.  Skate Canada’s helmet policy was implemented as a proactive safety measure to help protect members in the early stages of learning how to skate.  Skaters must wear a helmet on the ice at all times if they are working on Stage 5 Learn to Skate and below.  Skaters working on Stage 6 or higher may choose to continue to wear a helmet at their discretion.  The skater, parent/guardian have the final say as to whether or not the skater will continue to wear a helmet.

What is the Skate Canada Fee?

The Skate Canada fee is set by the Skate Canada’s National Board of Directors and is payable once per skating year (September 1-August 31) and is not pro-rated at any time.  Your member benefits include: An accident insurance benefit at a substantially lower cost to the members than that available in other sports, Access to qualified NCCP certified coaches who have been trained through high quality training programs developed by Skate Canada., National Registry of figure skating qualifications(test) and results(for qualifying events) held in a central computerized system for easy access, Test Certificates and Award of Merits for tests passed, Online store with special pricing for members on materials and Skate Canada merchandise, Members only access to information including event announcements, rule book, information on athlete development, talent ID and off-ice training, Toll free telephone and fax access to Members services and national office, Have the opportunity to participate in inter-club and invitational competitions, Elite athlete and skater development funding and programs, Opportunities for skaters to compete for positions on the national teams, Voting privileges and opportunity to participate in the decision making and direction of the Association, The opportunity to purchase selected Skate Canada event ticket prior to the general public, Benefit from participation in a sport that promotes fun, fitness, achievement and the development of essential life skills such as confidence, time and stress management, teamwork and motivation/commitment.    This fee also entitles your skater to a unique Skate Canada membership number which grants you access to the Members Only section of the Skate Canada website - www.skatecanada.ca

My child is in Learn to Skate but wants to Figure Skate..Is there a way we can start?

If your child is eager to begin to figure skate, your child may be a candidate to join the Intro to Figure Skating Program. Please reach out to the director, Danielle at director@richmondtc.com to set up an assessment.

My Child is in Learn to Skate but wants one on one attention, can we set up lessons with a private coach?

Absolutely!  RTC has a highly qualified team of coaches that can help your skater.  Please reach out to the directors at director@richmondtc.com to get connected with a coach.