Robert T. Burk

NCCP National Coach Certified
Partial Level 4 Coach.
World Professional Dance Champion 1984.
Olympic Apprenticeship Coaching Award Recipient.
Coach of International Skaters Worldwide."

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My biography

Freestyle, SkillsRobert is a NCCP level 3 coach (with partial Level 4 completed) who brings over 30 years of experience to his skaters, developing skaters from Learn to Skate through to the Sectional, National and the International Level. Robert, a Quadruple Gold Medalist, was a member of the Canadian International Team himself for 6 years and finished his own skating career on a high in 1984 as the World Professional Dance Champion.Early in his coaching, Robert was awarded the Olympic Apprenticeship Coaching Award, which allowed him to study under Olympic coaches and later served on both National and Sectional committees. In those years, He also served as the Director/Owner of North Toronto’s Summer Skating Program and the Director of the Granite Club’s Summer Skating School.Robert’s commitment to keeping his skaters balanced in life has resulted in him producing skaters at the National level consistently and also at the International level including 2-Time World Competitor Kevin Alves; which Robert developed from the age of seven until his final World Championships. He has worked with skaters worldwide including from Korea, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, the United States, and all across Canada including 4-Time World Champion Kurt Browning.  He is currently coaching and guiding Canadian National Team Member, Michelle Long, on her mesmerizing journey to the International Stage.

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