Shawn Verasammy

NCCP National Coach Certified
3-Time National Pairs Medalist of Canada
Portable Jumping Harness Expert

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My biography

-Coach of Freestyle and Pair Skating.
-Portable Jumping Harness Expert.Certifications/Personal Achievement/Education:
Skate Canada: National Level Coach/NCCP Level 3
3-Time National Pairs Medalist of Canada
Master’s degree (M.A.) in Kinesiology with correlates in Sport Psychology and Sport Administration from California State University, Fresno, California.
Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Kinesiology from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec.Background:
Shawn has over 12 years of professional coaching experience and has trained elite single and pairs figure skaters in Ontario and Quebec, Canada as well as Oakland and Los Angeles, California, USA. He is specialized in the portable jumping harness pole and has assisted several Junior and Senior National team members in Canada and the United States who compete both Nationally and Internationally.
Shawn has been the head coach of Canadian singles and pairs Sectional medalists, Ontario Starskate Championships medaliists, as well as Challenge and National level competitors. He loves coaching single’s skating for its independent nature and pairs skating for its ability to create art with two skaters becoming one entity on the ice.What drives Shawn’s passion for coaching is working with athletes who are dedicated to surpassing their natural ability and potential. He lives and coaches by a famous quote by Coach John Wooden UCLA Men’s Basketball Legend, which is:“Make Everyday Your Masterpiece”For any questions/inquiries please feel free to contact Shawn by email at or by phone at 647-831-1371.

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